Has the first shot been fired in space?

Jessica West Ploughshares Monitor, Space Security

What if space has already been weaponized? This is the claim of the United States military. Following the official establishment of the Space Force in January 2020, a new Defense Space Strategy published in June presents a strategy for “winning wars” in a domain that it depicts as “weaponized” by Russia and China. Russia and China have made similar accusations against the United States.

Why the chances of conflict in outer space are going up

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U.S. President Trump’s desire to create a Space Force—a new military branch focused solely on outer space operations—has drawn public attention to the prospects of warfare in a domain that has been used only for peaceful and passive purposes. Despite the provocative name, the proposed mission would in many ways be mundane: the command and control of spacecraft rather than …

Securing the Peaceful Use of Space for Future Generations: Roundtable

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Click on image to view Waterloo Declaration Project Ploughshares 57 Erb Street West Waterloo, ON 23-25 May 2012 Roundtable Program 23 May 2012                                  17:00        Dinner: Solé Restaurant. 83 Erb Street West, Waterloo, ON 19:00         Keynote address by Yousaf Butt: “Indefensible Missile Defense”  Location: CIGI Campus …

Limited rules of engagement: Even if the Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities is adopted, a significant void will remain

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Author Cesar Jaramillo The Ploughshares Monitor Winter 2011 Volume 32 Issue 4 The draft Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities proposed by the European Union is currently undergoing international consultations and is expected to be open for signatures in 2012. If adopted, the Code will establish a set of voluntary confidence-building measures aimed at increasing transparency and responsible behaviour …

Intercepting satellites: A comparison of the Chinese and U.S. actions

Tasneem Jamal

Authors August Claxton and Jessica West The Ploughshares Monitor Autumn 2008 Volume 29 Issue 3 August Claxton is a student in the MA Program in Global Governance at the University of Waterloo. He completed an internship at Project Ploughshares during the Spring 2008 term. The Chinese intercept and destruction of one of its defunct satellites with a missile on January 11, …

Fallout from China’s Anti-Satellite Test

Tasneem Jamal

Author Jessica West The Ploughshares Monitor Spring 2007 Volume 28 Issue 1 On 11 January 2007 China launched a ballistic missile at one of its own aging weather satellites, intercepting and destroying it. This is the first openly conducted anti-satellite (ASAT) test since 1985, making China the third country to successfully shoot a target in space. In the context of China’s …

Preventing the Weaponization of Space: Options for moving forward

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Briefing 03-3 Author Sarah Estabrooks Click here for PDF version We are currently standing at a crossroads in the development of outer space. First called for by US President Eisenhower in 1958, the principle that space would be used for peaceful purposes has been accepted for nearly 50 years. Although the term “peaceful purposes” was never clearly defined, it was accepted …