A leadership role on ethical AI is Canada’s to take or lose

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Canada is certainly capable of promoting global norms, with a federal government commitment to fund AI research, an active AI community, and a rapidly developing tech sector. Expert help is available from leading AI researchers in Canadian universities and industries. Research institutes and civil-society groups also have expertise on various applications of AI.

10 Things You Should Know About Killer Robots

Ploughshares Conventional Weapons, Current Publication, Emerging Technologies

1. What are Killer Robots? Actually, pretty much what they sound like. These are autonomous weapons systems that could kill human beings without any human involvement in the critical functions of target selection and the employment of lethal force. Lethal autonomous weapons systems could take many physical forms, and could also operate in large numbers and distributed architectures. The emergence …

Why the “tech for good” conversation needs to be more inclusive and transparent

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Over the last year, the focus on “tech for good” and ethical artificial intelligence has become more prominent in media discussion, as well as within tech circles in Canada and globally. In the last few months, several workshops and conferences have raised this issue. Because U.S. policies and restrictions on travel are denying access to some international participants, conference and …