Analyzing Canada’s 2019 Exports of Military Goods report

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According to Canada’s 2019 Exports of Military Goods report, last year Canada exported weapons worth almost $4-billion—the highest value on public record. Saudi Arabia, which received 76 per cent of those weapons, is now almost certainly Canada’s prime customer, unseating the United States.

Canada’s top five arms contracts to the U.S. – 2015-2020

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The most recently released federal records indicates that Canada transferred over $2-billion CAD in military exports to customers around the world in 2018. Left unpublished are the vast military exports to Canada’s closest trading partner, the United States. For years, Canada’s arms exports to the United States have been largely exempt from federal reporting protocols. Such exemptions persist despite Canada’s …

Disarming Security: Project Ploughshares and Canadian military export policy

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On February 14, 2015, Ed Fast, the former Canadian Minister of International Trade, helped announce the largest advanced manufacturing contract in Canadian history. A brilliant economic achievement on paper, the 14-year, multi-billion-dollar deal promised to directly benefit 500 Canadian companies, and continue an important trade alliance with a strategic ally. The only catch was that the deal was to manufacture …

Arms export win is human rights loss

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Author Kenneth Epps Published in The Ploughshares Monitor Volume 35 Issue 1 Spring 2014 A $10-billion deal announced by Ottawa will supply weapons-equipped vehicles to Saudi armed forces An enormous order of armoured vehicles from Saudi Arabia, announced by Minister for International Trade Ed Fast on February 14, may become the conflicted poster child for Canada’s efforts to boost military exports. …

A perverse gift for Valentine’s Day

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On February 14 International Trade Minister Ed Fast announced that General Dynamics Land Systems Canada in London, Ontario had won “the largest advanced manufacturing export win in Canada’s history” to supply armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia. Details from the government press release were sketchy but did confirm: A multi-billion dollar contract over 14-years. GDLS-Canada’s parent corporation, General Dynamics Corp in …