The use of drones by nonstate actors

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In January of this year, armed drones owned by Houthis, a Yemeni rebel group, killed several Yemeni government officials. This was the first time, as far as we know, that a nonstate group had successfully deployed a drone to carry out a precision-targeted operation. In September, the Houthis, with alleged support from Iran, were suspected in the attack on the world’s largest oil-processing facility in Saudi Arabia.

Philippines-Mindanao (1971 – first combat deaths)

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Philippines-Mindanao (1971 – first combat deaths)   The Conflict at a Glance Who (are the main combatants): The Government of the Philippines, supported by the United States and various civilian militia groups, against particular Muslim separatist groups, including the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Movement/Fighters (BIFM/F), and the Abu Sayyaf …

Short-term gain for long-term pain

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Author John Siebert Published in The Ploughshares Monitor Volume 35 Issue 4 Winter 2014 Canada’s contribution to peace in Iraq and Syria and the challenge of Islamic State On October 3, 2014 a statement was sent by Project Ploughshares to the Government of Canada and parliamentarians on the proposed military mission to Iraq. Entitled “Short-term gain for long-term pain—Canada’s challenge …

Short-term gain for long-term pain – Canada’s Challenge in responding to Islamic State

Tasneem Jamal Americas, Asia, Defence & Human Security, Mideast

By John Siebert October 3 The expressed desire by Canada to act forthrightly and without ambiguity in the face of Islamic State (IS) atrocities is understandable. But 13 years after the horrific assaults of 9/11 we have enough experience with military interventions intended to combat terrorism to give us pause. A military response to a non-state group using terror to …