Statement to the 74th Session of the General Assembly First Committee

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Outer space now provides vast social, scientific, and economic benefits to humanity, but the continued enjoyment of these benefits is anything but guaranteed. As the number of space users and applications has increased, so too have the threats to its long-term sustainability.

Looking ahead: Trends shaping space security in 2019

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The world has entered a Second Space Age, marked by an intensification of our interactions and reach into outer space. A core part of the international Space Security Index project, managed by Project Ploughshares, is to look holistically at how states, companies, and people around the world access and make use of this domain. Looking to the year ahead, five …

Outer Space Security: Statement to the 72nd Session of the UNGA First Committee

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Chair, Today is an auspicious day to address this Committee on the security of outer space. On this very date, October 10th, the Outer Space Treaty—the bedrock of international space law—entered into force exactly 50 years ago. Outer space now provides vast social, scientific and economic benefits to humanity. But the sustainability of this critical domain also faces critical challenges. …

Outer space

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Global commons or a wild frontier—open for competitive exploitation, profit and resettlement? Author Jessica West Published in The Ploughshares Monitor Volume 37 Issue 1 Spring 2016 Technology has “opened up a new world of outer space—a celestial world filled with both bewildering problems and dazzling promise. This is, indeed, a moment for honest appraisal and historic decision.” U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower UN …