4 key messages on humanitarian advocacy

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The latest Humanitarian Disarmament Forum was held October 19 and 20 in New York City. In attendance were civil-society groups, such as Project Ploughshares, which work on arms control and disarmament concerns that fall under the umbrella of “humanitarian disarmament.” According to the Harvard Law School Armed Conflict and Civilian Protection Initiative, humanitarian disarmament “seeks to prevent and remediate the human and environmental harm inflicted by arms through the establishment and implementation of norms.”

GCR‘s whole-of-society approach to refugee protection: The unique complexities of South Asia

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Here is the final piece in a four-part series on the Global Compact on Refugees. Follow the links below to read the previous articles: Part 1: The Global Compacts: A Primer Part 2: Delivering on the Global Compact on Refugees Part 3: Canada and the Global Compact on Refugees December 6, 2018 By Ishita Kumar and Nayantara Raja Despite a …

Social media and conflict

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Social media has a major impact on how we communicate, interact, and understand the world. It is now intricately linked with global, national, and local politics. We take this for granted. But we are now coming to understand that social media is used in particular ways in societies experiencing ongoing violent conflict or emerging from a period of war. For …