Putting controls on remote warfare to protect civilians

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Earlier this year, Amnesty International (AI) released a report, The Hidden US War in Somalia: Civilian Casualties from Air Strikes in Lower Shabelle. According to this report, which explored five incidents, at least 14 civilians had been killed by airstrikes from both manned aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones).

Somaliland: A study in the potential of indigenous resources

Ploughshares Armed Conflicts, Defence & Human Security

Author Christina Woolner Christina Woolner is currently studying for an MPhil in Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. A former program officer with Project Ploughshares, she spent the last two years teaching peace and conflict studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, the University of Waterloo, and the University of Hargeisa. The Ploughshares Monitor Volume 34 Issue 3 Autumn 2013 Localizing peace: Reflections from …

Turning a corner? After decades of civil war, some developments indicate Somalia may be heading toward stability

John Siebert Africa, Armed Conflicts, Defence & Human Security

Author John Siebert The Ploughshares Monitor Volume 33 Issue 4 Since the fall of the Siad Barre regime in 1991, no one has lost money betting against stability emerging in Somalia. Dubbed the quintessential failed state, Somalia descended into anarchy and crisis as clans and warlords fought each other for influence. The country has been effectively divided into the relatively …

Peacebuilding Conundrums in the Horn of Africa

Tasneem Jamal

Briefing 03-1 Author Leenco Lata Three peacemaking activities are simultaneously underway in the strife-ridden Horn of Africa region: mediation to end Sudan’s internal conflict, a new round of talks on how to reconstitute state and society in Somalia, and border negotiations to settle the territorial dispute Ethiopia and Eritrea. Despite the welcome coincidence of peacemaking activities, a more concerted, simultaneous …

The Horn of Africa: Building Sustainable Security in a Fragile Region

Tasneem Jamal

Author Abdul Omar The Ploughshares Monitor March 2001 Volume 22 Issue 1 Since 1994 Project Ploughshares has been engaged in a number of peace and disarmament initiatives in the Horn of Africa. In partnership with the Africa Peace Forum (APFO), a Nairobi-based NGO, we have undertaken a process of Track II diplomacy in the Sudan conflict, and have been coordinating the …

Somalia: A New Beginning?

Tasneem Jamal

Author Abdul Omar The Ploughshares Monitor December 2000 Volume 21 Issue 4 Until recently, Somalia had been without a central government since the January 1991 expulsion of the late dictator General Mohamed Siad Barre. A state with a relatively homogenous population, Somalia’s decade-long authority vacuum was created by the fall of Barre, who had come to power through a military coup …