Canada and the Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA)

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Effective since 2004, the Safe Third-Country Agreement (STCA) is a bilateral treaty between the United States and Canada that requires a refugee claimant to request refugee protection in the first country they reach, whether the United States or Canada.

Colombia (1964 – first combat deaths)

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Last Updated: December 13, 2018 Who (are the main combatants): Historically the Colombian government and military, supported by the United States, have opposed left-wing guerrillas, especially the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the National Liberation Army (ELN). In 2016, the government and FARC, the largest rebel group, signed a historic peace treaty. However, right-wing paramilitary gangs remain a threat …

Private Security Companies in the Caribbean

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Case studies of St. Lucia,Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica Authors Matthew Bishop, Kenneth Epps, Sheridon Hill, Annita Montoute, John Siebert This project, a collaboration between Project Ploughshares and the Institute of International Relations of The University of West Indies, contributes to the still limited published information on Private Security Companies (PSCs) in the Caribbean by creating case studies on the private …

Colombia’s Best Hope: Ordinary people take peace into their own hands

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Authors Adrienne Wiebe and Bonnie Klassen The Ploughshares Monitor Summer 2011 Volume 32 Issue 2 Colombia has the dubious distinction of being the only country in the Americas identified by the Project Ploughshares Armed Conflicts Report for 20101 as experiencing armed conflict. For over 50 years, this country of rugged mountain ranges and tropical lowlands has suffered from a complex, …

Peru (1980 – 2001)

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Archived conflict (updated: February 2002) The conflict in Peru has been removed from the Armed Conflicts Report because for the second successive year there were few reports of violence. Former President Alberto Fujimori was indicted by the Peruvian Congress on charges of abandonment of office and non-fulfillment of duties in August and an international arrest warrant was issued for his …