Consulting Canadians on a framework for future space exploration

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The following response to the Canadian consultation on a framework for future space exploration is submitted by Project Ploughshares, a Canadian peace research institute with a focus on disarmament efforts and international security. Project Ploughshares has been engaged in space security and international policy governance for almost 20 years and leads the Space Security Index project.

Space governance at the breaking point?

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If space governance is going to crack under the strain, it could do so sooner rather than later. Yet, all hope is not lost. The chorus of voices, of both state and nonstate actors, is getting louder, demanding that the space community stop merely talking about problems and start fixing them.

Looking ahead: Trends shaping space security in 2019

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The world has entered a Second Space Age, marked by an intensification of our interactions and reach into outer space. A core part of the international Space Security Index project, managed by Project Ploughshares, is to look holistically at how states, companies, and people around the world access and make use of this domain. Looking to the year ahead, five …

Why the chances of conflict in outer space are going up

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U.S. President Trump’s desire to create a Space Force—a new military branch focused solely on outer space operations—has drawn public attention to the prospects of warfare in a domain that has been used only for peaceful and passive purposes. Despite the provocative name, the proposed mission would in many ways be mundane: the command and control of spacecraft rather than …

An arms race in outer space? New report raises alarm

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November 6, 2018 A new report on the security of outer space warns that an arms race is looming if we do not constrain conflict and the use of force in outer space. Space Security Index 2018 tracks developments and activities in 2017 related to four indicators of the security of outer space – environmental sustainability, access to and use …

Under stress: Space security in 2017

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Project Ploughshares and its partners on the Space Security Index (SSI) project joined with the Government of Canada in hosting a First Committee side event on October 17 to launch the 2017 edition of the annual report. The panel discussion was chaired by Canada’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Rosemary McCarney, whose opening remarks emphasized the importance of diligent research …