The state of the nuclear disarmament/abolition regime

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The last of three meetings in preparation for the 2020 Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), was held April 29-May 10 in New York. The fault lines in the architecture of the whole nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation regime seem to be growing deeper, more profound.

Statement to the 3rd Preparatory Committee for the 2020 NPT Review Conference

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Nearly fifty years after the entry into force of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the international community remains woefully distant from a credible process that would make even the most optimistic observer believe that the abolition of nuclear weapons is within sight. Read full text.

Customers or allies? The dilemma of Canada’s AFCCL

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In late 2017, the government of Canada added Ukraine to the Automatic Firearm Country Control List (AFCCL) of 40 states to which Canadian weapons producers can legally export automatic firearms. This decision was made in the fourth year of an increasingly entrenched conflict in Ukraine’s Donbass region involving separatist forces, Russian forces posing as irregulars, and Ukrainian government forces, which, …

Statement to the 2018 Preparatory Committee of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

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Delivered by Cesar Jaramillo on behalf of Project Ploughshares April 25, 2018 Geneva, Switzerland Published in The Ploughshares Monitor Volume 39 Issue 2 Summer 2018  Thank you, Chair. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty has been instrumental to address matters related to the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and peaceful uses of nuclear energy. But it has failed to deliver on the goal of nuclear …

It’s the political-will gap, stupid: Nuclear abolition is a non-priority in Washington, Beijing, Moscow, London, and Paris

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Author Cesar Jaramillo Published in The Ploughshares Monitor Volume 37 Issue 1 Spring 2016 I recently conducted a (blatantly unscientific) poll among a dozen or so colleagues. All were attending an experts’ seminar on nuclear disarmament in Ottawa—and all were at least somewhat familiar with the state of affairs of the global nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation regime. “Impromptu. Show of hands. Two questions. …

Why we failed Afghanistan

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In Kitchener at “The Word on the Street” event September 21, Graeme Smith spoke about his new book, The Dogs Are Eating Them Now. Smith is a local lad from New Hamburg who broke the 2007 story about Canadian complicity in detainee torture in Afghanistan. His book’s dustcover notes that “Smith devoted more time to southern Afghanistan than any other …

Burney and Hampson on Canada and Afghanistan

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No, the title isn’t wrong. Former Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. Derek Burney and well regarded Carleton international affairs professor Fen Osler Hampson currently are in the news1 for their provocative article in Foreign Affairs, “How Obama lost Canada.”2 The gist of the article is that Canada’s relationship with the U.S. is deteriorating. Among the long list of examples and …

Don’t Close Chapter on Libya, Yet

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Author John Siebert Published by the Waterloo Region Record It may be churlish to begrudge Prime Minister Stephen Harper some self-congratulatory hyperbole for the Canadian military’s contribution to the civil war in Libya. On Aug. 21, the rebel forces, supported by NATO airstrikes, swept the capital of Tripoli. Moammar Gadhafi and his regime were no longer in control of most …

Libya and R2P

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Briefing 11-2 Author John Siebert The NATO implementation of a no-fly zone to protect Libyan civilians, which began on March 19, has now explicitly morphed into regime change by bombing runs. The intensive daylight bombing of Tripoli on June 7 and recent statements by Canadian government ministers confirm the fundamental confusion between the goals of civilian protection and regime change. …

Since We Can’t Beat the Taliban, Focus on Reconciliation

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Author Ernie Regehr Published by The Globe and Mail online If Canada’s newly announced post-2011 military mission in Afghanistan is to amount to more than training Afghan forces for perpetual war, it needs to be accompanied by a parallel diplomatic surge in pursuit of a political settlement of the conflict. The Harper government’s continuing commitment to regional diplomacy is a …