Nobel Lecture: Forging a durable peace in the Horn of Africa


We have an old saying: “yoo ollaan nagayaan bule, nagaan bulanni.” It is a saying shared in many African languages, which means, “For you to have a peaceful night, your neighbor shall have a peaceful night as well.” The essence of this proverb guides the strengthening of relations in the region. We now strive to live with our neighbors in peace and harmony.

Nobel Peace Lectures 2018

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Combating War Crimes Published in The Ploughshares Monitor Volume 40 Issue 1 Spring 2019 “Both laureates have made a crucial contribution to focusing attention on, and combating, war crimes. Denis Mukwege is the helper who has devoted his life to defending these victims. Nadia Murad is the witness who tells of the abuses perpetrated against herself and others. Each of them in …

Nobel Peace Prize Lecture 2017

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The drive to ban nuclear weapons On December 10, 2017, Beatrice Fihn and Canadian Setsuko Thurlow accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). What follows is an edited version of their remarks when they accepted the award. Published in The Ploughshares Monitor Volume 39 Issue 1 Spring 2018 Beatrice Fihn Today, it is …

Nuclear disarmament: The best of times and the worst of times

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As 2017 draws to a close, two ostensibly contradictory yet coexisting realities define the global nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation regime. Each brims with intensity, the likes of which have not been observed in decades. Published in The Ploughshares Monitor Volume 38 Issue 4 Winter 2017 by Cesar Jaramillo A serious threat On the one hand, the threat of nuclear-weapons use, by miscalculation …

Nobel Peace Prize lecture 2015

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Published in The Ploughshares Monitor Volume 37 Issue 1 Spring 2016 The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for 2015 was the National Dialogue Quartet of Tunisia, consisting of the Tunisian General Labour Union, the Tunisian Union of Industry Commerce and Handicrafts, the Tunisian National Bar Association, and the Tunisian League for the Defence of Human Rights. The lecture, abridged for publication here, was delivered …

The Nobel Peace Medal in Canada and the Obligations of Leadership

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Author Ernie Regehr The Ploughshares Monitor Autumn 2007 Volume 28 Issue 3 An international experts workshop on “Revitalizing Nuclear Disarmament” was held 5-7 July 2007 in Pugwash, Nova Scotia to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the first Pugwash Conference. Among the speakers was Ernie Regehr, Senior Policy Advisor with Project Ploughshares. Central to the celebrations was a ceremony to present to …